“The Death Of Buhari”

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Is President Buhari Really Death?

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Tunde Odesola; (tundeodes2003@yahoo.com)

President Muhammadu Buhari is dead. He died since early last year. He’s cloned. A certain body double and Sudanese Fulani prisoner, Jubril, is bestriding Aso Rock, the nation’s seat of power in Buhari’s stead. The rumour mill is busy. However, conspiracy and whispering, the two ancient companions of gossiping, are missing in the Buhari-is-dead rumour-mongering.

This rumour- mongers don’t beat silent gongs; they have modern mass communication gadgets. They don’t whisper to the ears, conspiratorially; they roar on rooftops, defiantly. They belong to the political elite that has been feeding fat on the ignorance, illiteracy, and vulnerability of the masses – long before Lord Frederick Lugard lowered the Union Jack in Nigeria on October 1, 1960.

These mongers are bold and daring. Buhari has joined his ancestors, they insisted, quoting the time, the date and the circumstances of the death. Prominent among the rumour-mongers are a pro-Biafra misfit leader, whose name isn’t worth dignifying with a mention.

Another is a former minister, a lawyer and backscratcher from the South-West, who has a penchant for speaking before thinking. Both are self-seeking hustlers who daily crave for media attention, which I’m not ready to oblige here.

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Controversial ex-British lawmaker, Eric Joyce reasons why he believe President Muhammadu Buhari is dead.

Recall that Mr. Joyce has been recently active concerning the health status of Buhari.

He had in some of his twitter posts, suggested that the President, who has been away to the United Kingdom for medicare, has died.

In his latest post on Friday morning, the ex-British soldier gave what he called the reasons the truth about Buhari is being kept away from Nigerians.

He wrote via @ericjoyce, his twitter handle, “Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, was last seen by people other than his own staff in early May.

“According to his staff, he handed over ‘co-ordinating power’ to his Vice President and headed to London for medical treatment.

“Shortly beforehand, he had returned from around two months in London, also apparently receiving medical treatment there.

“His staff now say that he will soon return to Nigeria, but he may then return shortly thereafter to London for more medical treatment.

“For three weeks, the presidency has failed to prove any evidence that Mr Buhari is still with us.

“There has been no detail at all about Mr Buhari’s condition.

“Photographs, obviously historical ones, depicting Mr Buhari apparently in rude health have been provided to media outlets in Nigeria.

“Some Nigerian outlets have provided largely nonsensical quotes from ‘inside’ the London High Commission where they claim Mr. Buhari is recuperating.

“Nigeria is vibrant, growing, and increasingly powerful democracy; the transition of power between Mr. Buhari and his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan was exemplary – indeed it was of historical importance for the whole of Africa.

“There is only one course of action for a democracy when a president becomes ill or dies; officials must brief the public on the medical condition of the president and if it does not seem that he is likely to be able to continue in the role then power must pass formally to the Vice President.

‘Ignorant and irreligious’

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of secessionist group Indigenous People of Biafra (Ipob), has also been fuelling the rumours, AFP found.

In one instance, Mr. Kanu shared two images of Mr. Buhari, one reversed, to allege that the Nigerian leader, who is right-handed, was using his left hand – “proving” that that meant he was a body double.

A Facebook post published on 16 March 2019 claims Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari died in the United Kingdom.

1818Within days the post by the Onyeka Ekwenugo page had been shared over 67 times and garnered 16 comments and 34 reactions.

It reads: “CNN has finally released the demise of President Muhammadu Buhari which took place on 27 January 2017. This is the highest fraudulent act that has ever been committed in the land by Northern cabals and they should all be arrested by now.”

Twitter post by @MaziNnamdiKanu

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