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Inside the instant messaging app, WhatsApp has introduced an official account on its Status platform.

Users of WhatsApp Android noticed that on 27 January, WhatsApp released four photos on the Status platform on its own account, which operates similar to Instagram stories and provides time-limited messages exchanged with contacts.

The upgrade to Status appears to be available to all Android devices and provides a note of the devotion of WhatsApp to user safety.

The update also contained an announcement that, via its Status platform, WhatsApp would let users know about new functionality and application changes.

There’s WhatsApp on Status now! ‘Said WhatsApp. “We’re going to let you know about the new features and updates.”

“One thing that is not new is our dedication to your confidentiality.”

The company reminded customers of the end-to-end protection it provides, which ensures that Facebook or WhatsApp will not access customer conversations.

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