Nigerian-British Professional roller-skater, Tinuke Oyediran, better known as Tinuke’s Orbit, has broken the record for most cartwheels on roller skates in one minute with 30 and the most spins on e-skates in one minute with 70 in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2020.

Credit: Guinness World Records Embargo: 18th November 2020 All records have been done in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2020. UK – The most cartwheels on roller skates in one minute is 30 and was achieved by Tinuke’s Orbit (UK) in London, UK, on 7 November 2020.

As she progressed with her skills, Tinuke started pushing herself further and used her record attempts as a means of motivation at a time when she really needed some.

“Achieving both of these records has made my lockdown dreams a reality! For anyone who has struggled with lockdown like I did, setting yourself a challenge really can help you get through and I encourage everyone to just go for it,” Tinuke said.

“I never thought I would be standing here now with two Guinness World Records titles at the end of this year so I’m so pleased that the practice paid off.”

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